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We offer a varied range of finishes, surface treatments and markings adapted to the aesthetic and technical specificities of the product.

Our teams fulfil all demands relating to luxury finishes.


This surface treatment is based on the principle of electrolysis.

Numerous substrates can be used: gold, chrome, nickel, silver, ruthenium, palladium, etc.

Electro-plating is a high-performance process that provides all the guarantees required in terms of quality and aesthetic appearance.

It also enables the part to:
- Withstand corrosion

Metal coating

We offer our customers a service for metal coating their parts.

This technique consists of depositing a layer of aluminium onto the plastic, along with protective varnish (PU or UV) for the specific tint required.

Metal coating is a reliable process that is tried and tested.


A finish that can be applied on a UV or PU chain (for large production runs) or entirely manually (small production runs); a technique providing a protective layer (against perfume or scratching) or a top-end attractive finish depending on the issues encountered.


Decorations are applied using various processes:
- Pad printing
- Hot stamping
- Screen printing
- Marking or decoration using a laser
- Painting by hand for small production runs

These techniques offer numerous possibilities for giving parts the aesthetic appearance and design desired.