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Expertise in materials

Our expertise guarantees our customers the best choices from a wide range of innovative, high-performance materials.

This is in order to fulfil their needs in terms of:
- Use-related constraints (perfumes, food contact, storage, etc.)
- Finishes (galvanisation, metal coating, lacquering, etc.)
- Markings
- Assembly
- Various treatments

Some of the various materials we offer you are:
- Surlyn, for its recognised qualities in the perfumes and cosmetics sectors,
- Copolyesters such as Tritan,which is recognised for its good chemical resistance and the fact it is BPA-free,
- Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA),

As well as specific compounds formulated in order to fulfil various sensorial requirements or requirements relating to an organically sourced and environmentally responsible design.

On an ongoing basis, we also conduct tests on new materials in order to provide the maximum amount of added value to projects for those customers who desire it.