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Design and Development Department

In order to effectively support our customers, we provide them with an integrated Design Department equipped with 3D imaging technology.

The Design Department, based on specifications:
- Offers technical solutions,
- Checks the feasibility of the project,
- Develops the plans required for manufacturing the moulds.
The Department also makes prototypes for the customer, and does 3D simulations.

We can intervene:
- At the early stage of the project, based on a simple idea,
- As part of a partnership with designers, in order to develop a project through to its production,
- In liaison with the customer's Research and Development Department in order to provide it with technical expertise.

Our role, via the R&D Department, is also to prompt the customer to adopt a different way of thinking, to break with its habits, and to create something new.

Our positioning on the perfumes and tableware market (which are sectors undergoing perpetual renewal) bolsters our ability to fulfil this requirement.